New intrinsically safe vibration sensors offer 4-20mA output

Hansford Sensors Ltd have launched a new range of ATEX and IEC Ex certified, intrinsically safe vibration sensors with 4-20mA outputs, ideal for direct use with PLC, BMS or other 4-20mA input modules.

The low cost HS-420I and HS-422I sensors are designed for use in online vibration monitoring applications where the environment contains inflammable gases, fumes, chemicals, powders, dust etc., as found in many industries such as mining, gas production, paints, petrochemical, offshore, pharmaceutical.
The new models will allow maintenance engineers to monitor vibration levels of pumps, fans, compressors, motors, conveyors, drilling rigs and all types of rotating machinery, which are in a potentially explosive working environment.

The new HS-420I series of sensors are sealed to a minimum of IP67 and can be used in both Group I (Mining) and Group II (Petrochemical) applications. With their construction in stainless steel and ability to withstand tough operating conditions, the sensors offer reliability, optimum performance and long service.

Available in a choice of either integral cable or connector, including tough braided cable, flame retardant cable and the NEW M12 connector now widely used in industry and chosen by Hansford Sensors for its flexibility and performance. Waterproof options are available for submerged use up to 100 metres and various mounting choices exist with threaded, magnetic and 'Quick-Fit' studs.

Visitors to the company's website at can view the complete sensor range including the existing AC versions together with the various certificates awarded for the intrinsically safe operation.

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Hansford Sensors Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of accelerometers for monitoring vibration and temperature levels of industrial machinery, playing a key part in the role of predictive maintenance. Products include intrinsically safe models for approved use in Group I (Mining) and Group II (Petrochemical). Hansford Sensors Ltd also supply multi-sensor switch boxes, vibration sensor modules, portable vibration meters, accessories for sensors, vibration condition monitoring protection systems and custom built vibration sensors.
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Date: 01/05/2008