New Compact HS-130 Vibration Sensors with M8 Connector

New smaller M8 connector provides compact vibration sensors. Following the introduction of the very popular M12 connector to its range of vibration sensors, Hansford Sensors Ltd are now using the new compact M8 connector to produce the much smaller range of HS-130 accelerometers.

This reduction in size gives the HS-130 accelerometer a much smaller footprint making it ideal for monitoring vibration levels on smaller machinery and allowing them to be used where space is limited. The connectors are robust and secure, simple to install and offer easy manipulation, curving around those awkward places in typical processing plant areas. A wide choice of mounting options offers solutions to meet factory requirements.

Sealed to IP67, the M8 connector is a part of a well-proven industry standard and can be supplied in a wide variety of tailored assemblies of differing lengths, enabling cost effective installation.

Hansford Sensors have already applied the M12 connectors across their HS-100, HS-100S, HS-420 and HS-421 approved series of vibration sensors, most of which are also available in ATEX approved versions for intrinsically safe use. All models are constructed in robust welded stainless steel and offer either top or side entry for the electrical connection. Both the M8 and M12 mating connectors are available in both a straight or right-angle version.
Typical applications for the HS-130 include pharmaceutical, food, marine and printing installations, plus intricate packaging and handling machinery.
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